Sound Thought 2011, The Arches, Glasgow

"Sound Thought"

“Substratum” – an audiovisual installation created in collaboration with composer Graeme Truslove – is to be exhibited at Sound Thought 2011. Sound Thought is a festival or “mould-breaking music, sound and performance research” organised by postgraduate students at the University of Glasgow and The Arches.

Note from the organisers:

Sound Thought is three days of interdisciplinary performances, installations, compositions, presentations and provocations all considering ‘music as action across distance’.

Everything from Leona Lewis dueting with a toilet, to piercing the silence of the library, first performances by the most exciting new string quartet in the country, and innovative installations using lasers to play mushrooms, and stethoscopes to play your heart…

This year’s event includes diverse and groundbreaking work from celebrated composers, visual artists, dancers, contemporary theatre practitioners and film makers alongside a massive programme of intriguing multimedia presentations, discussions and workshops focussed on music and sound in performance.

Sound Thought is an opportunity to bring new music, research and performance work to a wider audience and to establish a hub for the dialogues already existent in sound work – across disciplines, between genres and way beyond expectations…


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