Sweet Old Etcetera featured at SOLEDADES 2.0 no moderno artificio, Córdoba

Soledades 2.0.

The Sweet Old Etcetera is one of the works featured in the Cibermuestra at Soledades 2.0. No Moderno Artificio part of Cosmopoetica 2011 (Cordoba, Spain). Soledades 2.0 celebrates the 450th anniversary of Luis de Góngora, a 17th Century Cordoban baroque poet. “Soledades 2.0” aims to connect the innovations that Góngora brought to the poetic discourse of the 17th century with the current tools that technology is now contributing to poetic creation.

The exhibition and symposium is on the 24, 25, 26 March in The Pepe Espaliú Art Centre, Cordoba.


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