Palimpsest – new work for SFMOMA’s Open Space

Palimpsest is a new audiovisual work commissioned by digital poet/ author Brian Stefans for SFMOMA. It forms part of his “Third Hand Plays”  collection on electronic literature at SFMOMA’s Open Space blog. The piece is the second in a series of collaborations with composer Graeme Truslove exploring relationships between sound and image.

The series is based around reinterpretations of photographic light paintings in different contexts, investigating notions of the interstitial (or the space in-between things). “Palimpsest” re-imagines these ethereal light forms as physical objects modelled in 3D space as a virtual light sculpture.  Sonic events then determine alternative paths and perspectives around the sculpture, rewriting our experience of it with each repetition of the audio.

Visit SFMOMA article


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