“Letters in Space, at Play” (2011) by Scott Rettberg is an article discussing works of kinetic poetry published in the Electronic Literature Collection vol. 2 (including “The Sweet Old Etcetera”). The article contextualises contemporary works of kinetic poetry with the work of earlier artists and poets such as:  Len Lye, Stéphane Mallarmé and F.T. Marinetti.

Rettberg writes:

… the recent trends in electronic literature, towards the production of works that feature letters moving in space, often synchronized to a musical soundtrack, is not precisely a novel phenomena, but something that writers and artists have been experimenting with to some degree since the dawn of moving image technology.

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Jean-Pierre Balpe reviews “The Sweet Old Etcetera” for the 10th Anniversary issue of CIAC’s Magazine (the electronic magazine for the Centre International d’Art Contemporain de Montréal). CIAC Magazine is an online, bilingual (French and English) non-profit Canadian publication devoted to cyberculture and art and literature and all their connections with new technologies.

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